Thursday, May 20, 2010

The MRI resutls are in

Went and got an MRI done on my leg yesterday and the results are already back. I have never tried so hard to keep myself still. The MRI lasted 40 min and at one point I even fell asleep. once asleep I started moving so they had to restart, whoops. Long story short I have a bruised femur bone (already knew that) and a tear in the vastus lateralis muscle(new info). So for now the Onion man triathlon is out. I am also suppose to lay off of cycling for a little bit(whoops). The doctor said I can still do Ironman Boise 70.3, which is good because I am getting a little anxious to race. My training will be a little sparse for Boise ( no running for the 7 weeks leading into it), but that is fine and I am still gonna give it my best shot.


Troy Nelson said...

Sorry to hear that. I've gone 42 years without an MRI and I've had two this year. They suck. One was on my hand and I did the same thing - I fell asleep and started twitching and they had to restart the damn thing. I bet you will find that some time off will actually make you faster. I know its counterintuitive, but you wait and see!

Katie Band said...

Ughhh! That stinks, Josh!! Take a spill on your bike then? How the heck did you bruise your femur? Sending healing thoughts your way!!!

Matt said...

thats a bummer Josh, but knowing you, you tend to put the effort elsewhere and in turn get stronger and stronger But I hope you bounce back fast and keep you head in it and dont get too stress then check out.

Haley Cooper-Scott said...

Hey Josh, Sorry to hear about your early season luck, but I'm optimistic for you for two reasons:

1) You're about to learn how effective a SUPER-TAPER can be (after all you had been training TONS prior to the injury), and I have no doubt you'll do fantastically in Boise.


2) Some early season respite just might save you for the late season. We all get so amped up this time of year for our first races and then we fade a bit come August. You'll be just as hungry (and a lot fitter than the rest of us) in November because of being forced to calm down a bit now.

Recover well now.

Lydia said...
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Dave Erickson 360 said...

Love your top banner graphic... awesome!