Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Getting to Know you (pt. 2)

Some random facts.
This post is about more random hobbies that I enjoy doing!

1. I played piano (took lessons) for 14 years. I haven't taken lessons for a while, but still play. I like to make up songs and play improvisational music, making things up as I go. I really like to mimic, and see if I can figure out songs from the radio. See if you can figure out what this song is.

2.I like to rock climb.
I have been rock climbing for a while, but I love it!! For me it clears my mind, and relaxes me. I have spent many afternoons bouldering at deep creek, and many weekends climbing with old friends.
3.When I get bored I do dumb things

4. I enjoy cooking (and yes I cook twice as fast in my jersey)
5.I am somewhat of a nerd and really like salt water aquariums!
(This is a mall glimpse at mine)

6.I like to go on Somewhat random adventures.
Some examples are
-Exploring caves (yes there are caves in spokane)
-I once went on a 2 mile trek through the storm drain sewers in Spokane with a friend.(would not recommend this) People give you a strange looks when you pop out of a man hole in the middle of the night.
- I used to boulder and climb on buildings and objects in downtown at night.

7.One of my favorite places in the world is our families lake cabin up at Priest lake.
I like to four wheel, swim, lay on the beach, rock climb, backpack, pick huckleberries, and ski in the winter.

This is actually Hunt lake, a great place to backpack near priest.
8. Lastly I like Jeeps.
I will probably never own a jeep again, but in highschool I owned an old white jeep wrangler.
There is no greater feeling on a hot summer day than driving around with no top, no doors, and blasting music. I used to take it off roads allot. From Sundance mountain, to the ORV park there was not allot of places I didn't go.