Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rev 3 Portland

When I heard Rev3 was posting a race in the Northwest I knew I wanted to be racing at their event. I was excited to race a tough hard course that featured downtown Portland. When I was notified that the course was changed to a flatter course I originally was not excited. But this disappointment soon changed. I realized that I have never raced a fast course like this and it would be something new, offering a great test for me. I am going to keep this blog short.

The swim-31:41
  • My swim skin from blue seventy was great!
  • The water felt awesome and I was not cold at all.
  • Ok yes my swim was a disaster :)
  • I better get back into the pool.
The bike- 2:15:10
  • Due to my slow swim I spent the majority of the bike alone.
  • The first lap of the course felt great, but half way through the second lap I was ready to get off the bike and start running.
  • I tried to ride within myself, and set myself up for a solid run.
  • I actually liked how you could always see your competition at every turn around.

The run-1:11:59
  • Yes I know what you are thinking, How short was that course? I asked other pro's who wore Garmin watches and most had exactly 13 miles, so we were about .1 short.
  • I ran with my Garmin watch for the first time ever in a race to pace myself, and yes I will probably be doing this in the future :).
  • I have never felt so relaxed and happy while running in a triathlon.
  • I am thrilled with this effort and I feel like I have now started to run at a level I feel I am capable of.
Total Time- 4:03:00

I would like to give a huge thanks to Mike and the crew and Blue Seventy for helping me get a swim skin for the race, Gu Energy supplied me with all my nutrition for the race and all I can say is I didn't feel anywhere close to bonking. I would also like to thanks Manny and the crew at Fitness Finatics for letting me borrow a disk wheel for the race.

Here are some photos from race day