Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Friday Night lights.....on Wednesday.

So its Wednesday, and just like every Wednesday I am suppose to go for a long run. I was going to just get the run over with and complete my run right after the swim in the morning. But that didn't happen and I found myself putting it off. I was finally out the door at 5pm, and decided to run to SFCC and back.

My run was going ok but I really was not into running 15 miles today. At around mile 8 I arrived at SFCC, and noticed they were having an all comers meet going on. I stopped for a couple minutes and watched. It was cool. These meets have everything from 3 year olds, college kids, and up to senior citizens. It was at this point I decided to sign up for the steeple chase. I had never done one but hey why not, its always good to try something new. It was a race under the lights so I thought that might be cool.

The gun went off and the first lap was great. Mainly because we got to skip the water barrier. But as I got to the first barrier on the track I realized, I am not sure how to jump this! I gave it a good jump and hurdled the first barrier. It was at this point I started calculating. 7 laps with 5 barriers a lap, that is 35 barriers I have to Jump!!! Frick!

Here is a look at my first attempt at the water barrier.
(this was my attempt to fly over the water)

(Kinda ended in a face plant)

The rest of the water Jumps went pretty Similar to these pictures, every jump had a slight variation thought.

Next was the 4 barriers per lap that were dry.

After a couple laps I found myself asking the people in the meet how many more laps to go. I think I asked this every lap until the end of the race.

The race was 3,000 meters, and I was third. I was happy I ran 10:35 and averaged a pace of 5:27per mile. This was a good workout since it included 5 barriers per lap.

So slight change to my long run on this Wednesday with a steeplechase added on, but its good to change things up right?


Steve said...

Looks fun. I wish I could run one mile in 5:27 with nothing in my way.

Way to mix it up and keep things interesting. Now get back to work...Triathlete:)

Tiffany said...

Oh my god, this is hysterical! Those pics of you mid-air are freaking awesome! Are you sure you had no idea this was going on, Hosh? I mean, it's right up your alley!

Love that you jumped right in there and tried something you have never done before. That takes some guts! I have to admit, though, I kinda wished you had belly flopped into that water!

jessithompson said...

HILARIOUS! I flove the pics and am super impressed with your flying leaps. Best of all is that you just went for it. You gotta mix it up now and again, although I never would have come up with a steeple chase as an alternative. Love it!