Sunday, June 20, 2010

Medical Lake Trailblazer Triathlon

I love small town laid back races. Having a relaxed atmosphere helps you loose those pre race nerves that often plague you before big races. There are a lot of things that make this race a blast, but one of the coolest parts about this race is being out on the course with so many friends. In spokane most Triathletes know each other, and when everyone gets together to race a good time always ensues.

This year Dave Erickson came and made a video of the race for everyone who competed to enjoy. He did an awesome job and we all owe him big time for making this sweet video. The video is divided into 3 parts (swim, Bike, Run). So instead of a long post about my race I will let the video do the talking. I will say I am very happy with my race results, and can't wait to race this race again in the future!

Part 1-The Swim

Part 2- The Bike

Part 3- The Run

Some more photos from the day


Tiffany said...

Hoshberry, you smoked this race! I don't even know what else to say! Congrats on your win!!!

Matt said...

You have come along way Josh, when you started you were just a fast runner, now when your running is a little off you still kill it, impressive!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Nice work Josh. Great improvement on the swim. Put the hammer down on the bike and left it out of contention for the run, which wasn't a question anyway.

I like the video too. I'm guessing it was a pro Tri-Fusion thing? I can't complain about free video and such. It just seems odd that people who are friends, sources of information, training partners, etc., are often ommitted. It just feels a bit superficial in retrospect after pre, mid and post race interactions.

Anyway, just an annoying observation of mine that I know you didn't ask for. You did friggin' awesome and I'm excited to see how you do when you get your legs back.

Steve said...

Congrats Buddy!!! You were absolutely flying out there. WOW!!!

Troy Nelson said...

Nice job Josh!

jessithompson said...

Great job, Hosh! Way to rock it out there.