Sunday, March 28, 2010

Getting Crazy!!

Well my spring break officially ended today, and like most college kids I am trying to recover from the last's weeks activities. No I didn't go to cancun, or get wild in some exotic location. I had a date with the Roads, pools, and trails of Spokane. If you are ever curious as to what a week of training looks like for me. here is your chance.

Sunday- Run- Easy 8.5 miles @6:50/mi pace
Swim- A great swim with Roger and Nate 4,200yards

Monday- 40 miles hard on the bike followed promptly by Speed workout(8 miles) with the ferris boys on the track. Night swim of 3,500 yards with the Whitworth masters group.

Tuesday- 70 miles on the bike at a solid effort. and a night swim that never happened :)

Wednesday- morning run of 14 miles at 6:55 pace. Masters swim of 3,000 yards.

Thursday- 41 miles of hard intervals on the bike. In the evening an easy 4 mile run

Friday- Morning tempo run (8.5 miles), easy 30 mile ride, Friday night masters swim (2,800 yards)

Saturday- 84 mile ride with Sam, Troy, Sean, Paul, and others (awesome ride). evening run of 6.5 miles.

Weekly totals -Swim 13,400 yards, Bike- 265 miles, Run-49.5 miles

So there you have it. For now its back to school. Summer and the race season will be here before you know it.


Roger Thompson said...

Cool week Josh. You definitely had the Spring Break weather that we all hope for. Looks like the rest of us will be in the rain...oh well.

Way to stay on top of it all maintaining your health.


Matt said...

nice work! but you stole my idea on my new blog I have to change it, dont want to be too similar. Keep up the hard work!

PS: you need to run more, only ran a little more than me ;)

Chris de Vos said...

Looks intense, though a little light on the swimming. I'm trying to transition from swimming and distance running to Olympic-length tris, so thanks for a snapshot.

Spokane Al said...

Josh - what a great week!

And I gotta love that easy 8.5 miles @6:50/mi pace - in my dreams!