Tuesday, March 9, 2010


2010 is now well under way, and I have some sweet new changes to kick off the season!

I have been selected to be apart of the New Nuun-Blueseventy Tri project elite squad. Fresh for 2010 the team consists of 15 members. I am thankful for this huge opportunity and consider it an honor to work with two of the Leading companies in today's triathlon industry. Not only have Nuun and Blueseventy created a new team, but they have also enlisted an all star line up of sponsors to support our team. Supporting our journey will be.

To bring these products together is something that is very exciting. All that is left to do is let the racing begin!

Another sweet change is a new job. You will now find me working at Runnerns Soul in downtown Spokane. I have already started working here and can say I love it! If you are in the market for some sweet new shoes, got some running questions, or just wanna come hang out. Come down and give us a visit!

P.S. For those of you that see me working around Safeway, you can still find me working there too :).


jessithompson said...

Sooooo cool. I am thrilled for you!

Roger Thompson said...

Friggin' awesome Josh! Way to go. I am really excited for you and can't wait to hear about the team. Does this change any of your plans this season?

Again, a huge congrats on this opportunity. You deserve all of it!

All the best buddy,

Matt said...

congrats Man, thats a good start to the year for ya! Some solid companies too

Steve said...

Pretty cool man. Be exciting to see how it all works out. Enjoy the ride.

Tiffany said...

Wow, Hoshberry! This is so exciting! Congrats on being chosen for the team! What an honor...you have definitely earned it!

And congrats on the new job, too! :)

Phaedra Cote said...

So I saw on FB that a new Kestrel arrived for you, which inspired me to do some investigating. I've been wondering how long it was going to take the big dogs to place their label on you. You're a phenomenal athlete, and one of my favorites to watch compete (watching you run makes my jaw drop--it's an amazing sight). You've got a great attitude and it's always fun to see you at the races.

Congratulations Josh! I have no doubt you will represent your new team well.

Keep up the good work!