Thursday, June 16, 2011

Change of Plans (Moses Lake Triathlon)

After being sick for two and half weeks, I decided at the last minute to pull the plug on Boise 70.3. I was kind of disappointed to not show up, but I knew my lack of training the last 2.5 weeks had left me a little unprepared to race a half iron distance race. I still wanted to race something on that weekend though, so I decided to find something local. This found me at the Moses Lake Olympic triathlon.

Really my goal for the race was to just have fun. The distances tend to be off at this event, so I knew goal times would not matter. Overall I am happy with the race. At the awards ceremony the race director announced that I had the new course record, but I know the swim was short again this year like it had been in previous years, so I don't think they can ever really claim course records on that course. For now it is back to training and getting in shape for Rev 3 Portland which is only 3 weeks away.

Official Results

Here is short video from the race


Spokane Al said...

Well done young neighbor!

Scott Allen said...

Nice work Josh! I was looking for you in Boise. We missed ya.

Roger said...

Nice race josh...excellent bike/run. Probably swim too but who knows what distance you really swam :)

Good for you in listening to your body. I bet it was tough to forgo Boise, but your head overcame your But better than that, you still were able to race and put in a solid effort, really solid. I think you should jump into some ITU races with that run. Dang!

Rev 3 next? Blue lake? Should be interesting.

Nice work and I really think it's great you get out and race. Good for you, and good for the races. Best of luck at Medical Lake. Looks like a good day.

Ps. I think I still may have the course record at moses lake by less than a second. But I think the swim was even shorter when i raced, so I think your time this year was ultimately faster. :) I am old...gotta hold on to every second

Matt said...

great race Josh, even when you arent feeling at the top of your game you show yourself you are! Was fun racing with ya, even if you were being a smart-ass every time I saw you...thanks for calling me a cutie on the run ;)