Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Race of the 2011 Season

It has been a long time since I have raced anything (my last race was in September). So I decided a week ago it is time to find a race. I am always uncertain at the beginning of the season because I never know where my fitness is at. This is the main reason I signed up for the St. Paddy's five, I wanted to test where my early season fitness is at, and practice getting my head into race mode. I am very happy with the day. I set a PR for 5 miles, and feel like my run is on track for 2011. Here are some photos from the race. It was great to see so many friendly faces out on the course today.

Official results


Spokane Al said...

Wow! Congratulations Josh.

Andrew Ice said...

Josh - great to see you're in such great shape to open up the season! If it hasn't changed since the last time I did it in 2001, I remember that course being a perfect course to open up the season.

Say hi to your Dad for me - I haven't seen him in ages!

The Runner said...

First place!!...that's a good way to start the season.

Matt said...

impressive race Josh against them single sporter ;) also with the big day of training the day before still able to pull off sub 5 pace for 5 miles is impressive!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

Wow! Freakin' fast man!