Friday, December 18, 2009

Just keep Swimming

Well we have hit the off season again, and like I do every "off season" I sit and think about how training has not really changed that much. Yes I will admit that the volume is not quite as much as during the season, and intensity does not really exist (on my runs that is). My runs are now horribly slow as I am forced to practice high knees to keep my feet from dragging through the snow. Even as the snow flies and temperatures drop, I really have no desire to stop training at the moment. The way I see it I got all my off seasons (truly doing nothing) taken care of when I quit running in high school 2004-2008. We will call that a solid four years of rest. my giant taper :)

What has been the focus this off season? After the 2009 season I felt frustrated by my swim. I wasn't swimming as fast as I wanted too, and as the season went on, progression in my swimming was not occurring. The Height of this swim induced frustration occurred at the Spokane Tri where my swim was well lets just say it, Slow. I put in the hard work, and time in right? What went wrong?

This Brings me to the off season and what I have been up to. Since the Spokane tri I have been working hard to improve where I was weak in 2009. That weakness, yup you guessed it my swim. I had to have a little reality check with myself early this fall, and I quickly realized that what I thought was hard work was really not going to get me where I wanted to be. It was time to step it up. The improvement of my swimming has been my goal for this off season. For now I need to keep chasing that black line, and hopefully come spring some changes will be seen in my swimming ability from the previous season.


Steve said...

It is definitely paying off. Keep up the hard work. You are getting crazy fast in the water for sure.

jessithompson said...

Ditto what Steve said. Way to rock it!

Tiffany said...

Hosh, you are crazy to say that your swim didn't improve during your race season last year! Are you crazy?! Not to mention the lane you swim in now...I think you're doing just fine!

Nat said...

Josh, I definitely agree with the others about your huge swim improvement! However, I am working on my swim too. It definitely limits my ability to race faster. It is my number one limiter and frustrates me consistently. Your determination is inspiring, keep it up!