Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First Multisport event of the year

All I can say is that I love the spring thaw Duathlon. This race has some of the best prizes around, it is only $25 to enter, and is a very well run race. For me this race was a test to see where I stand on the bike. Last year at this race, I lost over 10 spots on the bike, so this year I was hoping to not loose as much time.

I was very happy with my race. The hard work I have been putting in on the bike is starting to pay off, I did not get a bike split last year, but I am positive I improved on it. I am not sure what is more boring the video of the race, or a big long post. I will try the video. 90% of the video is me running around the same field. So if you are short of time just watch the start and you will get the idea that we ran a lot of loops around the grass field.

This coming weekend is the Onion man Olympic triathlon. This is my last test Before Boise 70.3. The test you are asking? How well can I swim. Swimming has been my weakness. I guess we will find out on race day :).

In other good news, that annoying video that always plays when you visit my blog, is now gone into the blog archive.


Steve said...

Nice work buddy. You are definitely on your way. You had a solid race and everyone in Walla Walla better watch out. Keep up the hard training.

Matt said...

Great race Hosh Hadnay. Your getting dangerous!

Michael W. Bergquist said...

It was a lot of fun watching that on video. Seeing you put 5 seconds on me in the first 30 mid race, then on video was actually kind of fun. On the second run you only put 1.147 seconds on me for every 30 that you ran. Either way, it's a lot, so I have some getting back into shape to do. Again, it was fun and I applaud your effort and am glad you're doing as well as I predicted last year.