Friday, October 31, 2008

Getting to know you (Pt. 1)

So I decided since it is the off season I will add a couple posts, that help people get to know me better.
This post is very simple. It is just showing one of my hobbies.

Here are some of the many pictures I have taken. I like to take pictures for fun :).


jessithompson said...


Not only do I love this idea for a post, but I LOVE all your pictures. You are talented! My favorites are the rocks on the beach and the heart in the tree. Emma says her favorites are the ladybugs and the flower.

Well done, buddy! I learned something new about you!

Steve said...

Great pics. I too like to take pictures. There are some great ones. I like your use of black/whites and colors.

Haley Cooper said...

Those photos are amazing Josh. I love the WWP building and always mean to go photograph it at twilight in the spring. And the frogs and ladybugs - right up my alley. You're really talented! And you're an okay runner :)

Tiffany said...

Hosh Berry Shortcake! Aren't you just a jack of all trades! One of my secret desires is to take awesome photos like yours! I say we quit training all together this winter and you teach me some of your skills!

p.s. Thanks for your comment on my blog! I didn't even know you had a blog, but now you are in my Google Reader so beware, I am a commenting fiend! :)