Monday, May 30, 2011

Racing HQ

The room of a student/athlete in his 20's is usually not a clean one. This is where I start and end my days. Here is a look at a young triathletes room.

Training and racing shoe of choice.
My Messy desk

Rush Hour 2 might just be my favorite movie :).

Workouts, Race results, testing results, goals, training plans, race strategies. They are all in this black binder.

I will admit I like to cut photo's out of magazines and put them in places where I can see them daily.

Some books from school

Who doesn't have a foot bowl?

My cracked frame that is now on chandelier duty

Swim bag and my old wetsuit hanging out

An old bag from high school. Arcadia is an amazing race.

The daily workout board. It really does not get used as much as it should, we will call it the couple times a week workout board :).

Some #'s from races.

My Red ryder BB gun sits behind the door in case of emergency. Have only shot myself in the eye once with this bad boy.

I like maps, and this is a very old(50's) map from a class room.

Bike box waiting to go on a trip soon.

The table that gets piled with junk after rides. Don't let this picture fool you, I cleaned it up a little.

Some magazines for reading. Lava is becoming my favorite of the two.

The bikes sitting on the wall.

Waiting for the next race!

Pretty much the gear closet. Shoes, helmets, bike parts, clothes, wetsuits, Race gear, training gear and one big organized mess.

Shoe rack #2, I am starting to think I might have a shoe problem.


Adam Blalock said...

You cracked your frame?!?! How did that happen?

Mike said...

I think all runners have a "shoe problem"!

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...

you're silly!
(but wow your room looks clean!)

Matt said...

thats not your Ipad... :)